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Your blogger's dream come true

Goran Suton is on the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated:


Sadly, Mrs. SW says I can’t frame a copy of the magazine and put it up over the fireplace.

P.S. Presumably, this can’t jinx us, as the top eight teams in the country all have a player on the cover.  Either that or you should pick #9 Kansas to win the whole thing in your NCAA Tournament office pool.


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Funny, that’s exactly how I feel!

*Technical note: I removed the word “ads” after “beer” in the headline to make the joke funnier.  See, even when I try my hand at a tongue-in-cheek blog post, I have to provide a technical note.  This is why I mostly stick to very nonhumorous statistical graphs.

Serious commentary: The article is the second reference I’ve seen recently to the rise of college fantasy sports.  Apparently, CBS Sports is making a move to use individual player names in its college fantasy leagues.

Personally, I don’t see college fantasy sports having the same appeal as pro fantasy sports–particularly for football.  College football player statistics are even more team-driven than NFL player statistics.  And you’ve got a lot less volatility from year to year in which teams put up big offensive numbers.  It seems like a Big Ten fantasy draft, for example, would consist mainly of drafting all the Ohio State starters at skill positions  and then making your way down the preseason standings (with quarterbacks perhaps being an exception).  That doesn’t seem like a particularly interesting exercise.

But maybe the massive popularity of college football is enough to drive a certain level of participation.

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